Brahmin Generation Flimsy Time The imminent; Ni. Justice. N. Kumar Anxiety

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Bangalore: Today Society, Culture And In keeping with tradition Rakissikondu Going Each Brrahmanara Javabdariyagide That High Court Retired Justice N. Kumar He said.

Mr. Sirinadu Great Meeting By the More At the Dhanvantari Great The sacrifice And Sirinadu Achievers Cited And Talents Reception Event Driving Post Speaking They Brahmin Birth On Brahmanyatvavannu Stay Going Our Responsibility. Culture And In keeping with tradition Followed Brahmin The religion Highlighting Should be held That Said.

The Brahmins Number Approximately 15 Laksavide. Early During the Each In the family At least Ten Fifteen Janariruttiddaru. Now This Number Four Arakkilidide. It is More Kugutta Go to In just a few Years Brahmin Generation Complete Declines. This Content Young Of Races The most Gambhiravagipariganisabekemba SAYS He said.

The main As a guest In the Convention Bureau Given the Congratulates Accept Speaking Karnataka Brahmin The Board The President Toh. Ch. Anantasubbarav board Brahmin Community Available The facilities Explained. Maha Sabha president. HS. Subramanya presided over the function.


Brahmin Community The More Points From Gifted Pupils Accepted Honored. This In the case of The State Brahmin The development of The board The President Tho. Ch. Anantasubbaraya, Pan Karnataka Brahmin Great Sabha The President K. N. Venkatanarayana, Chikballapur Sheriff Arbitration The President H. V. Manjunath, Andhra Pradesh The area Brahmin Terms of Service The Association   Samakhya Jvalapuram Srikanth, senior Journalist Venkatanarayana And others Present.

Siri Maha Sabha president welcomed sudarsanam.   Secretary-V. Shankar proposed vote of thanks. Kumari form of the program.     latest world & city national News, Follow

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