Ethiopia launched the first direct air service from Africa to Bangalore Air Lines: air traffic in the four-day week

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Bangalore, Sep 13: The country’s largest airline in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines, and approved by Skytrax four-star airline in global aviation company for the first time since October 27, Civil Aviation Service kalpisuttide Silicon City Bangalore city.

Binduvagiruva India’s high-tech hub, with more than 200 high technology companies, with over 200 biotech companies in the two cities have much in the way of southern Karnataka, Bangalore beginners to benefit from the service.

Other information, as well as bio-technology as well as biotechnology cluster has attracted the attention of the world. There are a variety of technology park in Bangalore global appeal. Direct flights connect the city for four days a week service, such as initializing. October 27 to Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday flights will leave Ethiopia. In Bangalore on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays to walk through.

Ethiopian Air Lines, regional director of the subcontinent tadess tilahun, said that the airline’s expanding service as part of udyanagari Bangalore airport because we are starting to romancanagondiddeve. Over the past 48 years continuously provides service to Mumbai Airport, the first airport facility kalpisuttiddeve the city of Bangalore. Africa and South India’m proud to be the first direct air service kalpisuttiruvudaralli ourselves.

South India and Africa rastragalaste as well as the world-wide demand for the service from various airports have been found. We taderahitavagiraliddu airline in Africa, as well as beginners, so tadess tilahun the benefit of the passengers, he said.

The two planes are currently flying daily between Mumbai and Delhi. Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi Cargo Service is available between. In Africa, Ethiopian Air Lines airline that heggalikeyagide pragatiyaguttiruva very quickly. Over the past seven dasakagaligintalu has been serviceable aircraft, passengers and the Asia-Pacific region, we have bulk. There are more than 120 centers across five continents, contained in the cargo network, is another highlight. Ethiopian Air Lines passenger-friendly aircraft, the Airbus A-350, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9, boyinda 777200elar, praitar Boeing 777-200, -400 Doubleday bombardier Q-cabin service, such as providing flights. Africa is the continent arambhisi such a service, modern aircraft, the airline company Ethiopian Airlines is operated, he said.

Keeping in mind the growing field of Aviation Ethiopian Airlines for 15 years jarigolisuttide a far-reaching program. Coming six business centers in the country to bring a significant improvement in 2025 in the service of civil aircraft. Ethiopian International Services, Cargo and Logistics Service in Ethiopia, Ethiopia emaro Service, eviesan Academy of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Aviation Academy, an Ethiopian add-Hub Ground Services and Ethiopian Air Ports in the name of the service centers serving six. Ethiopian Air Lines Award bhajava organization, for the past seven years, an annual growth of 25 per cent seems to attract passengers

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