(Mayor gangambike Mallikarjun: Gowri Ganesha idols of the public for the distribution of 5 thousand clay)

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Ganesh festival giving Free Eco friendly 5 Thousands Gwori & Ganesha Murthy distributions by
at Jayanagara 4th Block Complex by Bhandava Trust
MLA Ramalinga Reddy, Mayor, Gangabike Malikrjuna
MLA Swomy Reddy, Bhandhav Trust President N Nagaraju At Jayangara Complex
Gowri Ganesha idols for the public distribution of 5 thousand clay
Bandhava Ganesha idols of clay from a 5 thousand at Jayanagar Complex Vishweshwaraiah complex delivery program revered by stating Jayanagar MLA Mallikarjuna gangambike Soumya Reddy and bandhava agency N Nagaraj was free to the public as well as saplings bijagaliruva clay statues of Ganesh, Ganesh was environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly Ganesh festival is celebrated in need is the main purpose of this organization is the fifth in a row to drag on for years baruttiruvantaha bandhava head of the agency N Nagaraj said Ganesh idols of Lord Ganesha are distributed for free to the general public.
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