Meeting of the National Education Policy -2019 from academics, pro-people fighters SDPI

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Bangalore, Jul 27: The National Education Policy 2019 (enipi) for the thinkers, academics, pro-people fighters, social and political activists as well as a variety of organizations with leaders of the open dialogue program and the negotiation of a meeting of the Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI Karnataka State Committee in Bangalore, essiem in the hall on Friday (July 26, 2019) and held the month.
Expressing his views about national education policy leaders from different societies recognized their objection filed by their counsel in this matter, he said.
SDPI state president Mohammad Ilyas, who prastavikavagi, enipi -2019 reliability in the draft. Since 2019, does not include new figures. Avalambisiye the draft proposals prepared by the old reports.
The draft has been prepared on the basis of a survey of public enipi -2019. Here are the tips, Bangalore and Delhi were sitting on the committee for the Chancellor and the authorities have received the salahegalagive mechanically. Education experts, teachers, the community, students and parents contacted the committee. Education policy has lost its prastavaneyalliye. Charak because susurta, Aryabhata Bhaskaracharya, Chanakya, Patanjali, panini refers to the policy, among others. However, in modern sculptors such as education, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Jyoti bapule, Shahu Maharaj, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Azad, dabhimarav Ambedkar, among others, the policy of dajhakir Hussein, fully nirlaksyisuttade. Such leaders, he said the name does not ullekhisiye Draft.
The content of the states listed courses. It was later added to the list isotropic. But before the draft, with the states of the different ecosystems has not been surveyed or consulted or invited to contribute in preparing the draft. The government will gradually withdraw education, especially higher education, it is handing over to the private sector, education is a huge revenue source for capitalists to make huge considers the value -2019 appears in enipi. Through the implementation of the principles of the Constitution contradicts the theory that our ancestors saw the welfare state.
Srimantagolisiruva cultural diversity of India and different states have different cancellation and for the purpose of discouraging situation, the conditions for applying the criteria in order to be fully integrated nilaksyisi across the artificial enipi 2019 draft has been prepared. Enipi 2019 draft bureaucratic / capitalist / allegation / education system that regulates the relationship bahusankhyatavadada submitted their objections.
SDPI objections filed by the party, as indicated in the interactive session attended by all the thinkers of all the things that have expressed their acceptance.
Consultation meeting of the State Council of the People’s Democratic Forum member nagarakere Ramesh, president of the Peace and harmoni seyyad saphivulla, Samajwadi Janata Party president Gadkari GM, writers and thinkers such as Yogesh Master, High Court of Justice tinarasinha Murthy, President of the Republic Party of India Mohan Raj, a Dalit Committee damanita conflict president BR. Bhaskar Prasad, daabdul Hamid, president of the Dalit and minority AJ army Khan of SDPI national president fro. Najhnin Begum, president aremen bididies Ramesh, Pearls International School Dr. Mohammed Saeed, John the Baptist, phronagegauda, ​​State Secretary Dr. Tipu Sultan United Front. Iqbal Dawood, Campus Front state committee member Mohammad Riaz, Abdul hannan of the SDPI, devanuru puttananjayya, bhimaputri Savitri, Justice Mohan Kumar, Dr. Camaram, and others were present on the social transition janandolana state general secretary of the marisvami and shared their views.
Abrar Ahmed, a member of SDPI state secretary of the Council welcomed the Secretary-General Couincil occasion.
Filed objections:
1. The financing of the education system: education policy of 1968, the subsidy was promised 1 per cent of GDP. But in 1986, the second national educational policy, India has a population of 78 per cent, 6 per cent of GDP in aid was promised. However, the national education policy, Draft 2019, no cash distribution is mentioned. Over the past 5 years, the grant allocated for the education sector was further reduced.2. Draft enipi nowhere in the Constitution of 2019, the safety and the implementation of minority rights in education is not mentioned in pratipadisalagiruva3. The Cosmopolitan of education in the modern era prospect. However, based on the ideals of the old and historic backgrounds. Its aspirations, inward-looking and unscientific actions of the legendary set for a world-class education.4. enipi 2019 draft, educational institutions and campuses can lead to suicide and failed to treat stress and problems of the students. For example, the number of suicides education center, as evidenced by the quota.

5. The method of economic disturbances and defective, India experienced the impact of the research actions on a large scale. The mechanism of certification, the speed and the attitude of the further reduction in bureaucracy and rajakikaranavu research work, which has brought India to the world’s poor condition. The new policy does not speak about.

6. Research work and research-based education in India is experiencing difficulty in the hope of getting the proper allocation of funds. India 0.51 per cent grant for research purposes only, setting an average of around 3 per cent of GDP.

7. The teacher-student ratio in the drafting of the National Educational Policy 2019 1: 30 pm scheduled, it is corrupted. But India is already the best ratio achieved since 2010. In China, the current ratio, the ratio of 1:10, 1:15 and America.

8. The Indians got the benefit of the public purse pratibhapalayana enipi 2019, the draft is not considered a problem. He is to serve his intellect and knowledge to migrate to other countries. What is it that prevents the postulates of the draft plan.

9. praudhasiksanadavarege complete primary school education, providing affordable education is low and there is no mention of the government’s justice. Said the private sector is freeing up the offer of higher education policy, which allows for more caste system prevails in professional education.

10. Mahatma Gandhi National Education Conference continued leadership in order to Wardha scheme of education prepared by a committee headed by Hussein dajakir sphurtiyalli the development of a national policy, government agencies, or through distance education, given religion a visayavagisuvudilla reference here being ignored, though they persist.

11. According to the information available, in the classroom for students from 1 to 5 to be raised to 95 per cent of the maximum available infrastructure is paying off for students. This means that 5 percent of such infrastructure are deprived of millions of students. In addition, the areas of primary education is still not available. No plan has been announced to expand the primary education system.

12. The medium of education in mother tongue in primary education has always been, but the Urdu schools in their mother tongue is slowly urduvannu were removed or opened schools in accordance with the student population. Therefore, a clear opportunity to implement the policy of mother tongue education policy is needed.

13. The classical language of Urdu in modern language but it is the ground that it is mulegumpagide, but Urdu, the language of practically all over India and primary education in a holistic created to promote the interests of its equally we need to be in Hindi.

Sacar Committee 14. According to the report, approximately 4 percent Madrasah system of education has been given, it can be associated to the education policy of 2019. Enipi millions of students from madrasas excluded from the 2019 structure.

15. In other countries, there is no specific reference to education is not enough money to provide enipi 2019, India’s GDP, 10 per cent of the cost of education viniyogisabeku grants.

16. The assignment of teachers in primary schools, about 1 million are empty. There are also hundreds of thousands of vacancies in universities and colleges in the same way, but for many years to fill the blank of any of the provisions specified.

Enipi 17. The task force drafted in 2019, has shown a very grandiose view. However, the improvement of the knowledge society and the country does not have the power to create any orientation.

18. Draft new enipi 2019, given the emphasis on education will gradually hand over private operators. The low income of 100 rupees per day, 70 per cent of the population is impossible to educate the children.

19. For children between one and 95 per cent of the 5th class, which is the only access to the education infrastructure. This means that 5 percent of the number crore for the expansion of infrastructure to accommodate them by providing an assured, as taragatiyallu increasing number of students who drop out, 11 percent to 50 percent of students reached the standard kanmareyaguttiddare. Education policy did not specify any solution to this problem. Only 9 per cent of the number of higher education will be continued. So far no remedy available to students out of higher education. Admissions age 3 or 4 years down the school year to increase the overall requirements. The situation is even more serious and the most backward groups of people, 19.6 per cent of Scheduled Caste children are included only for the primary level. As a result, when the high school level, 2.5 per cent of the children horaguliyuttare. 10.06 per cent of the scheduled tribe children are getting access to school. When it comes to the level of 6.8 per cent of primary school students in the next horaguliyuttiddare. In the case of Muslims, 15 per cent of primary school children are getting access. 7.9 per cent at the upper primary school students from the school horaguliyuttiddare.

There are vacancies in the preliminary stages of a large scale, ranging from 20 universities. Meet the need for teachers in primary schools but has no means a blank specified.

21. 93 per cent and 90 per cent of engineering graduates and unemployed graduates manejment that the ASSOCHAM report says. But this is a problem concerning the new education policy maunavahisive.

22. The draft enipi 2019, the country has failed to increase the quality of education. The push back the land for so long. In India, because of the opening of a new branch of the world’s top 200 universities of the proposed new justice. However, universities are free to charge. There is no doubt that this education system is not only rich individuals simitagolluvudaralli. Most of horagirabekaguttade higher education.

23. With regard to education and a wide variety of platforms bureaucratic power kendrikaranakkagi enipi provision given in the 2019 Draft, organizations tightens grip on the autonomy of the education system.

24. enipi 2019 draft, the teacher community to further reduce the autonomy and free thinking. An open approach to education, livelihood and the internal reform of the education system and the free-thinking and innovative teaching rejects this draft.

25. enipi 2019 draft, connected to the coupling between primary education and higher education, the education of students with a high level of education and the issue of creating a smoother career.

26. enipi 2019 draft, the central schools (Kendriya Vidyalaya), leaving a well-established network. It is an indication of how well they are handed over to private. Srstisaliddare big problems in the management of privatized firms to private operators.latest world & city national News, Follow

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