SDPI Reaction on Ishwarappa hate politics statementJanapratinidhiyagiralu alleged mental disorder was demonstrated again nalayakku

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Bangalore: matabyank politics of the Muslim community and rural development minister, alleged by issuing a statement claiming avamanisuntaha mukhiyarannu Mars ever proved that foul tongue. It is considered one of the evils of party legislators from each party sees avantaravannu is very clear. What is the third sex community to talk about living in self-BJP questioned the ethics of SDPI that.

According to India, the country’s democratic system to anyone who can vote for any candidate or any community can get the votes. But without the knowledge of at least about isvarappara “for lawmakers to get the Muslim vote hijidagalu”, a statement of his mental disorder pradarsisiruttare again. This is what he janapratinidhiyagiralu nalayakku dhrdhapadisiruttare that the SDPI state general secretary of the party Couincil said.

Matettidare for insulting the Muslim community, linking Pakistan and making false propaganda against the isvarappara this caliya of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), has performed legal battle by scoring a libel suit, mangalamukhiyaru isvarappara will be in aid of the fight against the law to guarantee the publication of Couincil Ididdare

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