State Councilor Cup 2019: Inauguration of Children’s volleyball tournament jainagar bangalore

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Get the best kridapatugaliddaru, he was not getting the incentives right. Doretastu incentive to the sport at the international level to illuminate the country’s reputation as a legislator r. Saumyareddi.
Mayor of gangambike Mallikarjun ennagaraj MCC members and organizers of the tournament, the founder of the NL Narendrababu he attended a school in Bangalore, Intel and others were present at the ceremony.
In this tournament, Bangalore Urban and Bangalore Rural district as well as boys to attend primary school and high school girls. Volleyball tournament was inaugurated by MLA. Saumyareddivaru said. `As to the importance of education, we should sportive. Not just to athletes, but we have to ensure good health is essential for the student aimed at bringing foray into the sport. The state government has a lot of plans for the sport. Offering more support, “he said.
Ennagaraj tournament organizers. Spotrs Academy of Physical Education organized by the State Counselor Cup 2019 ” at the state level antarasala volleyball tournament July 7, 18,19,20 Jayanagar Kittur Rani Chennamma Stadium on Saturday. `2 thousand, joining those from the gallery to watch this tournament has been arranged. This is made easier by enabling everyone to watch this program.

`Government grant and private schools, nearly 165 teams will participate in a tournament in volleyball. The tournament is the first, second and third position are awarded to the teams bandhava N Nagaraj, a councilor of the cup. The event is organized annually by the school children for the purpose of raising kridapritiyannu baruttiddeve ayojisikondu. Similarly, little children, hidden, especially in the rural part of the sports talent in the sports world say that the main purpose of introducing this tournament to tournament organizers ennagaraju member of the Corporation

State Councilor Cup 2019: Inauguration of Children's volleyball tournament jainagar bangalore

State Councilor Cup 2019: Inauguration of Children’s volleyball tournament jainagar bangalore

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