youngest siblings from Namma Bengaluru attempts for the World Record India : A four years and six months all set to enter the World Record of India

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Bengaluru: On Sunday the Tiny Tails, JP Nagar
witnessed a unique feast. In the presence of hundreds
of curious onlookers and the judges, just four years old
toddler along with his 8 years old sibling tried for a
world record in World Record India in solving 3D cubes;
first of its kind achievement in the entire country.
Aadhiran Thangarathan, aged 4 years 6 months,
studying in UKG in Blueberry Kids, Yelahanka and his
brother Krishanth Thangarathan, 8 years 6 months old
currently studying in 4th grade at Ryan International
School, Yelahanka are the siblings who tried for World
Record in solving the 3D cubes.
Both are inspired by their mother Komahal E, who
loves to solve cubes and puzzles. She has now
mastered to solve 28 different kinds of puzzles.
Thangarathan K S, father of these siblings always
supported their activities. They hail from a small village
named Kanakkampalayam, Gobichettipalayam taluk in
Tamil Nadu. From past 15 years they are staying in the
Bengaluru for the livelihood.
In Sunday’s event, Krishanth Thangarathan solved all
the 23 3-D cubes in the record time of 32 min 54 sec
06ms. While the younger one Aadhiran Thangarathan
has solved the first 10 3-D puzzles in the record time of
11 min 34 sec 99 ms.

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